How do you Keep your Silver Clean?


How do you Keep your Silver Clean?

A Life Hack

A charming lady called into my shop the other day to show me her much loved silver sugar bowl. The 400 year old bowl was more or less perfect and, though delicate, was in constant use.

I was thrilled to know that such a rare thing was being both looked after and, better still, made use of, not only that but the bowl was a fabulous colour, it glowed.

The reason it looked so good was that it was being handled and washed often enough to retain that lovely soft shine that silver should have.

I am asked often how to clean silver and my response is always the same.

Try and use it as often as is convenient, wash it up or run it through the dishwasher and go again.

Silverware is absolutely made for use. While the idle items just tarnish on their shelves, the useful ones shine like mirrors. Our ancestors didn’t have to suffer the weekly childhood purgatory of achy fingers and black hands, they just ate and drank with the stuff.

I have heard folks complain that canteen of silver is a pain because when it comes out at Christmas, it has to be cleaned. That really is a pain, I get that. Silver forks and spoons should be kept in the kitchen drawer, there is no earthly reason to put them away into a fitted cutlery case after use, that must be really annoying.

If Christmas dinner is better with silver, imagine how Tuesday’s leftover supper might be elevated.

Aside from the pure pleasure of use, I estimate that 80% of the damage suffered by silver is through, often over zealous, cleaning. Rubbing away with polish is going to wear the metal away far faster than through using it daily. Cleaning silver is a nuisance whereas using it everyday is just a great pleasure - that can’t be a hard decision to make.

The only trouble is, once converted to eating only with silver, stainless steel just won’t do.

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